Two Day Mittens

Blue mittens.jpg

Every year in Syracuse, NY there’s always the day when Fall abruptly turns to winter. The orange and gold leaves are covered with a fresh coating of snow and the air turns to brisk razor blades. It is reality slapping us into consciousness that the long, cold, grey season ahead of us. Well that day happened about a week and a half ago and my hands went numb followed by painful pricks on the way to work. I needed new mittens, immediately.

Luckily I had recently purchased a bright blue skein of BFL Aran from Woolfiend in Sapphire Isle. This had the best chance of keeping my hands warm in the shortest amount of time. Armed with needles, yarn and a the trusty Tin Can Knits, World’s Simplest Mittens patterns I was prepared to defeat the impending doom of the season.


You may look at the picture and I wonder how I made these mittens from the Tin Can Knits pattern, they don’t exactly look alike. Also, there aren’t any instructions for aran weight yarn in the pattern either. Well as a knit designer myself I’m giving you permission to change patterns and make whatever modifications your heart desires. I really only changed two simple things in this pattern, the yarn and the stitch pattern.

Aran weight yarn is only slightly thicker in gauge from worsted weight and I knew I wanted nice dense mittens. I chose to follow the worsted weight instructions for the adult medium mittens. Working the Aran on U.S. size 5 & 7 needles would battle the cold even better. I worked the cuff in 1 x 1 rib as the pattern calls for but the stockinette stitch portion is where I strayed from the pattern. I used alternating rounds of Knit and (k1, p1). This stitch patterns creates the look of those cozy thermal pjs. For the thumb gusset portion I did work Stockinette stitch for the thumb only.

Next time you can’t find the exact knitting pattern you’re looking for, find the closest one and modify it your way. Stitch patterns, stripes, colorwork, and length are all simple adjustments than any of us needle wielding people can make.