West Egg Shawl, Inspired by Art Deco Architecture.

Some people head to nature for hike to relax, I however stick to the sidewalk. I find a long walk around city streets to be much more interesting and I’m far less likely to come across a snake. I’m intrigued by architecture, small businesses, and urban planning. Some of my favorite buildings to stare up at are from our Art Deco era. From the details, angles and colors they can be the among the most beautiful. It was buildings like these that had me sketching for my newest design, the West Egg Shawl.

I started this shawl on my June trip back to Berkeley CA. I picked up a couple of skeins of The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers and a skein of Earl Grey Fiber Co to go along with the Farmer’s Daughter exclusive colorway dyed for The Black Squirrel Berkeley. I wanted a 1920s color scheme to go with the art deco shape.

West Egg is a knitted shawl using brioche stitches, short rows and eyelets to create its art deco shape. It is trimmed with a built in I-cord edging. The pattern is broken down into small sections so you’ll feel accomplished as you knit through this. Not only is the shape more interesting to knit, there is a completely functionally reason. We all have those giant shawls we love, but when you wrap it like a scarf you end up with tons of bulk around your ears. The notched out shape of the West Egg drapes both perfectly on your shoulders but also takes the bulk away from your ears.

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