Somewhere, a shawl for gradients

My love for a really good gradient started when I first discovered Apple Tree Knits, there is something so satisfying to a perfectly faded gradient.  When I say "good" gradient, I mean a true gradual color change, not the color block "gradients" you'll find in the stores we do not speak of. My first knit with Apple Tree Knits was the infamous watermelon Dotted Rays shawl I made for The Black Squirrel.  West Knits Dotted Rays was the perfect design to create a fun watermelon slice.


I started to get the itch to make a rainbow, because a rainbow really is the ultimate gradient. I snagged a 6 oz plush fingering, gradient in Chakra from Apple Tree and hit the needles.  My goal was to design a simple pattern that would not intimidate more novice knitters. Elaborate designs never feel as necessary for a yarn that just speaks for itself.  Somewhere is all about the shape and drape around the shoulders. The change in increases midway through is what helps the shawl hug the shoulders and mimic the shape of a rainbow. This shawl could be made larger by simply repeating the last section as long as you desire.


I hope everyone enjoys this knit and finds rainbows and unicorns in the darkest places. 

Details on Somewhere


Ellen Coy is the knit designer behind Ellen Rose Knits and can also be found teaching Knitting Classes of all levels at Knitty Gritty Yarns in Syracuse, NY.